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Dan Heller's Movie Review of "Dark Blue"

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Kurt Russell
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The previews for the movie "Dark Blue" look fantastic. Even after I saw the film, I still see trailers for it in theaters and on TV, and think, "wow, that looks like a great film!" It's such an artful talent to construct such compelling material from such a bland and awful movie, that I feel compelled to give the production company a big "thumbs-up" for doing a job well-done. Why can't the people who make these movies try to retain the exciting and interesting promises seen in the trailer?

Russell Rhames
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In summary, the movie just tried to do too much, while being witty and "big-screen" at the same time. Set in the Los Angeles Police Department, days before the acquittal of four police officers in the beating of Rodney King, veteran detective Eldon Perry (Kurt Russell) tutors his rookie partner in the grim realities of police intimidation and corruption in order to "keep the peace" in a city gone wild. Meanwhile, Assistant Chief Holland (Ving Rhames of "Pulp Fiction" fame), wants to cleanse the system and rid the department of corruption.

Russell Speedman
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The problems with the movie are so numerous, ranging from a poor script to just plain bad ideas in directing, that the only thing worth discussing is... why Kurt Russell doesn't have a better agent. It's not that he's a "bad" actor - in fact, I liked him in just about every comedy he's ever done, dating all the way back to Disney's 1969 hit, "The Computer Who Wore Tennis Shoes." But, for all of his great on-screen charisma, boyish charm and chemistry with other actors on screen - even in really terrible movies like "Dark Blue" - he never seems to get into a film with a worthy script or a strong director. You can see potential talent bursting out of him, but alas, I keep waiting.

Speedman Michele
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Ok, back to the movie review. "Dark Blue" could have been interesting in several ways, but each time, they dropped the ball. It started with many people having "something to hide", while discovering incriminating dirt on other people. Given the inevitable hammer dropping when the riots started, the intertwining of corrupt officials would have made for interesting plot twists. But, all that was just dropped. Then, there's the subplot of Perry's transgression from bad cop to good cop through moral enlightenment, but that was so sloppily done that it didn't seem credible. And then there were nonsensical relationships. Perry was married to... oh, do I have to go on with this?

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