General Utah Photos

Arches National Park

The following page shows photos from a Backroads trip, Mountain Biking in Moab, Utah. The backdrop is scenic Arches National Park, and surrounding areas (which all look like Arches). For additional exciting pictures of Utah, see the Utah page linked to by the photo on the right. It's really an extension of this page, which is already big enough. Also, don't forget to look at pictures of Monument Valley.
8000 feet and it's still ticking!
Waiting for Dinner
Uhhh...Do you have any padded seat covers?
Ok, we'll take you up there, but you have to ride down.
Remember! Turn left when we hit the ocean!
Devil's Garden Hike
Window Arch
The Windows District
"Officer, I think it was suspect number 3."
Balanced Rock in Background
The Windows District with the
La Salle Mountains in Background
Is my Lipstick Showing?
Fred and Barney's Back Yard
No! Don't pull that stone!
Delicate Arch
Where Bikes Go to Die After Slickrock
Where Cyclists Go to Die After Slickrock
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