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Burkina Faso Chief
ylw-text.gif Burkina Faso Chief Burkina Faso

A village in West Africa is usually composed of a small number of families, and a village "chief", who is an older, experienced, and patriarchal leader. As such, he wears many faces to the individuals in the community, from that of the spiritual leader, to that of the judge and jury in matters of justice. He is, in essence, the central figure and sole decision-maker for daily operations in the village, politically and socially. His status is upheld mostly by a traditional and ritualistic society that both honors and fears its customs. Only recently has his role been affected by the outside world, since technology, communication and peacetime visitors have brought new people and new ideas into the community, all oblivious to his authority. When western music, news, and information reach the eyes and ears of the villagers, the voice of history and tradition tends to fade.

At the same time, the cultural patterns of West African cultures tend to ebb and flow, so just when it seems the village will adopt new ideas and modern ways, the pendulum swings back, and the people return to a more traditional lifestyle.

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Country-Primary Location Name: Africa
Credit: Dan Heller
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Location: Mali
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