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Tack Room
ylw-text.gif Dawn on the Ridge When you climb to the top of the hills that surround Bodie (where the gold mines are), you find spectacular views of the surrounding Sierra Mountains. Here, the sun rises and illuminates those that butt up against Yosemite. A small tack room sits next to a pond that used to be the reservoir that gave Bodie its water.

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Country-Primary Location Name: USA
Credit: Dan Heller
Object Name: sunrise01-sq.jpg
By-line: Dan Heller
City: Bodie
Copyright Notice: Photo (c) www.danheller.com
Province-State: California
Keywords: west coast, bodie, california, square, ghost town, state park, sunrise, western states, exteriors
Location: Bodie, California, USA
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Keywords: west coast, california, bodie, squares, western usa, ghost town, state park, sunrise, horizontal, exteriors