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5 second exposure
ylw-text.gif Gibbous Moon Even a Gibbous Moon can produce a great deal of light at 8300 feet. It's hard to expose it correctly against the darker backdrop of the ground and dark-wooded buildings. For this particular image, I used two filters: a 2-stop and a 3-stop graduated ND (neutral denisty) filter, and stacked them together to create a 5-stop grad ND to keep the moon from blasting through, and to keep the sky dark enough to balance with the ground. The result is clear: a nicely exposed image (5 seconds at f5.6) that properly shows the scene "as it looked."

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Country-Primary Location Name: USA
Credit: Dan Heller
Object Name: little-moon.jpg
By-line: Dan Heller
City: Bodie
Copyright Notice: Photo (c) www.danheller.com
Province-State: California
Keywords: west coast, old west, north america, california, bodie, artifacts, usa, nite, ghost town, western states, landmark, exteriors, night, antique, united states, moon, little, antiques, state park
Location: Bodie, California, USA
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Keywords: west coast, old west, north america, landmarks, california, bodie, artifacts, square format, nite, western usa, ghost town, exteriors, united states, little, antiques, moon, state park