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Sensors come in two sizes. Higher-end pro-level cameras have full-frame sensors similar to 35mm film cameras. All others have "small format" sensors, which capture a small portion of the image from the lens. To make it appear the images are the same size, its pixels are "fattened" to fill the gap. The same method is applied in "digital zoom."
Image Width: 3601
Image Height: 5354
Bits Per Sample: 8 8 8
Photometric Interpretation: RGB
Samples Per Pixel: 3
Planar Configuration: Chunky
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS2 Macintosh
Modify Date: 2006:09:10 09:39:16
Color Space: sRGB
Exif Image Width: 550
Exif Image Height: 378

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Location: Unknown
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