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South Tower
ylw-text.gif South Tower This view of the South Tower was taken from the middle section of the bridge. No filters were used. The tripod was placed near the stone wall that extends from the bridge so that it could be in view for visual context. In order to keep it in focus, once again, the aperture is reduced to the smallest possible size for the Canon 28-135 lens, set at f/32. This 30-second exposure allows for ambient light to evenly light darker areas of the bridge. The reflected bright spot in the middle of the span in the foreground is from a passing ship. I chose to keep this picture because of that unintended (yet beneficial) side effect. Good pictures are frequently a matter of luck. Notice the star-like effect from the light in the middle of the picture. This is an artifact of the lens itself. Notice the same light on the next image that shows it with a mist filter.

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Credit: Dan Heller
Object Name: towers-g.jpg
By-line: Dan Heller
Copyright Notice: Photo (c) www.danheller.com
Keywords: tech, tower bridge, towers
Location: Unknown
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Keywords: tech, tower bridge, towers