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Lower Jousting Ground (2)
Image Width: 4068
Image Height: 2712
Bits Per Sample: 8 8 8
Photometric Interpretation: RGB
Image Description: From the Narbonnaise Gate to the Aude Gate on the right beyond the drawbridge (approx. 500 metres). It is best to begin here because you very quickly find yourself looking at the remains of the ancient wall dating from the 3rd-4th centuries in which the dressing consists of ashlar (small stones), frequently broken up by brick stringing. The towers are flat on the town side but semi-circular on the side jutting out over the countryside. The lower section is blind; the upper storey includes semi-circular windows emphasised by brick archstones.
Samples Per Pixel: 3
Planar Configuration: Chunky
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS2 Macintosh
Modify Date: 2006:04:15 14:35:18
Artist: Dan Heller
Copyright: Photo (c) www.danheller.com
Color Space: sRGB
Exif Image Width: 265
Exif Image Height: 181
Object Name: lower-jousting-ground-2.jpg
Country-Primary Location Name: France
Credit: Dan Heller
By-line: Dan Heller
City: Carcassonne
Copyright Notice: Photo (c) www.danheller.com
Keywords: jousting, castle, france, ground, carcassonne, lower, europe, horizontal
Location: Carcassonne, France
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Keywords: jousting, france, carcassonne, lower, europe, castles, horizontal, grounds