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Middle Span
ylw-text.gif Middle Span This picture was taken with the same techniques as the previous one, only in color, and using a warm mist filter. I metered just below the bright light in the middle, so the fill-in flash lights up the foreground emblem on the left. The "warm" part of the filter keeps the fluourescent lights from turning green. Also notice that the tower is leaning to the left. This is intentional because I do not have perspective control in a 35mm camera. (You need a view camera for this.) Because of the wide angle lens used (17-35, set at 20mm), I knew that everything would converge to the middle, so I tried to balance it out between both the left and right sides. Setting one or the other to be perfectly straight would have made the other side look terribly awkward.

(If you want to learn more about perspective control, click here.)

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Credit: Dan Heller
Object Name: towers-h.jpg
By-line: Dan Heller
Copyright Notice: Photo (c) www.danheller.com
Keywords: tech, tower bridge, towers
Location: Unknown
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Keywords: tech, tower bridge, towers