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South Tower in B&W
ylw-text.gif South Tower in B&W This black and white image had only a mist filter to soften the scene and reduce contrast, which is helpful here because the bright spots are too "hot" for the darker areas of the scene. This was a 10-second exposure at f/5.6 using a 17-35mm lens. The depth of field is attained despite the larger aperture because the length of the physical lens itself is so short. (Thus, the inverse relationship between lens-length and aperture necessary to achieve depth of field.)

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Credit: Dan Heller
Object Name: tower-bw-c.jpg
By-line: Dan Heller
Copyright Notice: Photo (c) www.danheller.com
Keywords: black and white, tech, tower, tower bridge
Location: Unknown
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Keywords: tech, black and white, tower bridge, tower