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Dan Heller Photography:

Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions
red-bullet.gif  Who I am.
red-bullet.gif  How did you get started in travel photography?
red-bullet.gif  How do you fund your travel? How can I do that too?
red-bullet.gif  Why did you make photography your career?
red-bullet.gif  Do you digitally manipulate your images?
red-bullet.gif  Humorous Captions: Are They Offensive?
red-bullet.gif  What subjects do you prefer?
red-bullet.gif  Which photographers have inspired you?
red-bullet.gif  What is the most rewarding part of photography?
red-bullet.gif  What part of photography do you dislike the most?
red-bullet.gif  What advice would you give a beginner?
red-bullet.gif  What do you think of your own work?
red-bullet.gif  Do you write movie reviews?
red-bullet.gif  Are there any chinese translations of your web site?

Techniques and Photo-Related Questions
red-bullet.gif  Introduction to Learning Photography
red-bullet.gif  Why Prints Can Look Bad
red-bullet.gif  What camera should I buy?
red-bullet.gif  What kind of film should I use?
red-bullet.gif  Digital Photography
red-bullet.gif  Photography equipment for travel, including cameras, film, lenses, etc.
red-bullet.gif  My Equipment List
red-bullet.gif  Image Management
red-bullet.gif  Photo Printing
red-bullet.gif  DPI (Dots per Inch)
red-bullet.gif  How to Read and Evaluate Light
red-bullet.gif  Using a Fill Flash
red-bullet.gif  Photographing the Moon
red-bullet.gif  Long Exposures
red-bullet.gif  Star Trails
red-bullet.gif  Vacation Photography
red-bullet.gif  Fun with Filters
red-bullet.gif  Perspective Control Lenses

black and white, homes, horizontal, mirrors, personal, self-portrait, photograph
Business Issues

blue-bullet.gif Business Basics

red-bullet.gif  READ THIS FIRST
red-bullet.gif  READ ME (for Pros)
red-bullet.gif  Business Sense
red-bullet.gif  Truisms
red-bullet.gif  Starting Business
red-bullet.gif  Applying Biz Sense

blue-bullet.gif Marketing/Sales

red-bullet.gif  Marketing
red-bullet.gif  Photo Pricing
red-bullet.gif  Selling Prints
red-bullet.gif  Web-based Business
red-bullet.gif  Stock Photography
red-bullet.gif  Stock Agencies

blue-bullet.gif Miscellaneous

red-bullet.gif  Photo Equipment
red-bullet.gif  Postcards
red-bullet.gif  Photographing People
red-bullet.gif  Model Release Primer
red-bullet.gif  Model Releases
red-bullet.gif  Trademarks
red-bullet.gif  Image Manipulation 1
red-bullet.gif  Image Manipulation 2

Photo Business and Industry Analysis

Personal Business

red-bullet.gif  Asking Pros for Advice
red-bullet.gif  License Agreements
red-bullet.gif  License Terms
red-bullet.gif  Work-for-Hire
red-bullet.gif  Catch-all Licensing
red-bullet.gif  Negotiation: Your Career
red-bullet.gif  Negotiation: Contracts
red-bullet.gif  Marketing: Push & Pull
red-bullet.gif  Teaching Help?
red-bullet.gif  Marketing: Don't Spam
red-bullet.gif  Joining an Agency
red-bullet.gif  Photo Assistants
red-bullet.gif  On Writing Books
red-bullet.gif  RAW vs. JPG

Photo Industry Analysis

red-bullet.gif  Size of License Market
red-bullet.gif  Keywording: Stock's Future
red-bullet.gif  Keywording: Follow-up
red-bullet.gif  Adobe Adopts Proposal
red-bullet.gif  Buyers & Search Engines
red-bullet.gif  Photo Sharing Sites
red-bullet.gif  Photo Sharing & Social
red-bullet.gif  Photo Sharing & Licensing
red-bullet.gif  The Virtual Agency
red-bullet.gif  The Meta-Stock Agency
red-bullet.gif  Innovation?
red-bullet.gif  Money's Role
red-bullet.gif  Prisoner's Dilemma
red-bullet.gif  Solution? No Problem
red-bullet.gif  Photo Franchises

Pricing and Profit

red-bullet.gif  RF vs. RM
red-bullet.gif  RF Affect RM Pricing?
red-bullet.gif  RF Hurt RM Pricing?
red-bullet.gif  Microstock: Hurt Pricing?
red-bullet.gif  Stolen Images #1
red-bullet.gif  Stolen Images #2

Stock Agencies

red-bullet.gif  Getty: Circling the Drain
red-bullet.gif  Getty: Staying the Course
red-bullet.gif  Getty: Yet MORE Analysis
red-bullet.gif  Getty: The Solution
red-bullet.gif  No IPO for Corbis


red-bullet.gif  Who is Dan Heller?
red-bullet.gif  Interview #1
red-bullet.gif  Interview #2
red-bullet.gif  PDN: Oct 2007

Model Releases

red-bullet.gif  Publicizing
red-bullet.gif  Employees
red-bullet.gif  Copyrighted works
red-bullet.gif  Technicalities

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