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Stairs and Steps

This page has 30 images dated from
Aug 1, 1997 to Aug 5, 2013
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Mykonos, Greece
(Mykonos, Greece)
blues, doors, europe, greece, mykonos, railing, stairs, vertical, white wash, photograph
One day, as I was walking up an unreasonable number of stairs to get to the Fourvier in Lyon, France (a large church at the top of the highest hill in the city), it dawned on me that these things (the steps) are just as interesting as Doors and Windows. Stairs are more than functional elements that we use to kill ourselves slowly, for they also have aesthetic value. It doesn't matter what culture you go to, you'll find some form of stairs, and from them, we can learn a lot about the people who built them. Stairs go both up and down, unless propelled by electricity, but more interestingly, you can tell the kinds of people who used them, whether they are supposed to go to a steeple, or to a dungeon. Maybe, they simply take you to a front door.

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