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The Human Figure

This page has 11 images dated Oct 19, 2003
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horizontal, marisa, models, photograph
The images in this directory are artistic in nature, and provide an intelligent and tasteful presentation of the human figure. That's not to say there are nothing but pictures of nudes. There are a few, but most are not. Yet, it's all besides the point. We are, after all, more than just physical beings; our emotions, feelings and all other mental and physical characteristics embody the nature of who we are. The camera can present an image like a mirror into the human spirit, reflecting all we are, from our hopes and dreams, to our pains and failures.

Sadly, our American culture (and some others) take an oversimplistic view of the human figure, and presume that the exposure of the entire body, or certain parts of it, is deemed "inappropriate" for some people. This is a new and curious phenomenon, since throughout history, the human figure has been the source of inspiration of all great art. It has also been revered as expressions of the human condition, good and bad, by the church and other religions, as well as governments, educational institutions, and many other well-respected institutions of our society.

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faces, models, sharon, square format, photograph
Those who feel images should be kept from children have never been able to discern between artistic expression and vulgar exploitation, nor do they understand the true relationship between what children see, and what they think, feel, or do. There is a broad spectrum between a tasteful expression of the human figure, and the portrayal of exploitive sexual activity. Discerning between eroticism and pornography is a matter of degree that should be taught, not ignored. I am reminded of this quip:

Eroticism is when you use a feather,
Pornography is when you use a whole chicken.

Imposing limitations of access is silly and counter-productive, since the result is the failure to teach important lessons about the appreciation of art, taste, and sense of self.

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jen, jennifer, models, vertical, photograph
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andrea, eyes, hair, lips, models, square format, photograph

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christina, horizontal, models, photograph
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closeup, laura, models, square format, photograph

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donna, models, vertical, photograph
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In the Shower
models, showers, vertical, photograph
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faces, left, leti, leticia, palau, tropics, vertical, photograph

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doorways, jills, models, sepia, vertical, photograph
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models, sayaka, vertical, photograph

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