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Tarangire Safari

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Tanzania, East Africa

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Mt. Kilimanjaro
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Scenics of Mount Kilimanjaro
africa, horizontal, kilimanjaro, mountains, tanzania, views, photograph
Not enough can be said about Mount Kilimanjaro, so it's a good thing most of the content on these web pages are photographs. And, lucky for you, there are dozens of spectacular images that portray the grandeur that is Kilimanjaro. At over 19,360 feet, it is the higest peak in Africa, allowing those who reach the top see for hundreds of miles before throwing up in the snow. I'm proud to say that the entire group of 14 guests not only didn't throw up, but each of us made it to
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Hiking up Mount Kilimanjaro
africa, hikers, horizontal, kilimanjaro, meru, mountains, tanzania, photograph
the top, despite the fact that the handicapped escalator was broken. (I attribute this success rate to Wildernress Travel's itinerary that allows for climatization.) So join us, won't you, by entering the various photo galleries presented on this page, and I promise you a fun, scenic, and an often pathetically humorous journey to a world where living on top of the clouds is like going to God's house for brunch. (It's great to be there, and the food's good, but you really don't want to screw up and take everyone else down with you.)

African Safaris
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Tarangire National Park
africa, animals, horizontal, lions, tanzania, tarangire, wild, photograph
Where do you go to see dirty, smelly animals? Dead carcasses being devoured by rabid and hungry omnivores? Wild beasts doing everything from snorting to fighting to the death over a female? No, not a political convention. An African Safari! That's right. On the same trip that included the exhilarating hike up Mt. Kilimanjaro, you can also see an invigorating view into the natural splendor of wildlife without having to lift heavy objects. No sooner have your lungs refilled with air after the descent from Uhuru Peak on Mt. Kilimanjaro, does the eager crew challenge your respiratory skills once again by filling your windpipes with dust, dust and more dust!
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Ngorongoro Crater
africa, dustdevil, horizontal, ngorongoro, tanzania, photograph
Yes, the hot and dry climate of the fabulously scenic and exciting parks in Tanzania is quickly forgotten as you take in the beautiful scenery and thrilling action of the Tarangire. This national park is home to hundreds of different animal and plant species, and is the part of the trip that allows you to see nature in all its glory: wild animals killing each other to stay alive, mating with one another (and sometimes with rangers), eating live and dead animals alike (and sometimes rangers), and even peacefully sleeping in the lazy summer sunshine. Just think, you can relax and enjoy yourself, forget about the dog-eat-dog world of corporate life in the United States, remove yourself from the violence and moral upheaval that is our Western World, and sit back and watch other animals rip each other to shreds... You know, the wholesome way, as nature intended!

Misc Images
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Sunsets in Tanzania
africa, sunsets, tanzania, vertical, photograph
Who doesn't love a great sunset? Especially one with an animal silhouetted in front of the sun. And a really neat indigenous tree that you never see where you live, reaching towards the sky? Doesn't it make you want to travel there yourself to see this same gorgeous scene? Well, that's what I did! And boy, was it hard to find that scene! I mean, Geez! I could have saved a lot of time and money if I'd just bought a darn postcard and looked at it in the comfort of my own home. But hey, there's something about being there on the spot, communing with nature, swatting malaria-laden mosquitoes away from my face and body, carefully watching for snakes and lions, all while capturing these precious moments on film. And, talking about capturing a moment on film, here's one to tell your grandchildren one day: during my trip to Tanzania, who else but the President
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Arusha: Town and Park
africa, arusha, coca cola, crowds, horizontal, signs, tanzania, photograph
of our United States (who, at the time, was Bill Clinton, in case you're reading this in the future) happened to go to Tanzania to visit one of the many McDonalds they proudly provide here. (Only here, they call them "McMoody's". Don't ask me. I was on vacation.) Anyway, so while traffic was stopped for hours upon hours, waiting for the presidential procession to "process", I had nothing better to do than to take pictures of people, who were hoping to see Mr. Clinton to ask the question that was burning on all their minds: "Who are you, and why are you stopping traffic here?" And while I was doing that, his car zipped by, and I missed the whole thing.

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Wilderness Travelers
africa, deigo, horizontal, kilimanjaro, people, tanzania, photograph
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The Maasai Tribe
africa, maasai, tanzania, vertical, photograph

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