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The Streets of Havana
caribbean, cuba, havana, island nation, islands, latin america, south america, streets, vertical, photograph
Cuba was once the playground of the Western Hemisphere, with its beautiful streets, exquisite spanish colonial architecture, and a utopia of entertainment that was had been the premier destination for the rich and famous for years. It was also home to
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Politics and Economics
caribbean, cuba, havana, island nation, islands, latin america, men, people, salute, south america, vertical, photograph
much of Latin-American music, art and culture during the 30s, 40s and 50s. Today, with its buildings crumbling and the remaining 1950s American cars, it's as if the country lives among the ghosts of its own past. As I moved about Havana, through the capital building and major cultural centers, I couldn't help but feel like I'd been transported back to the 1950s. While I experienced the splendor of what once was, I was also struck by what I learned from the eyes, hearts and minds of the people who live there today. During my month-long stay in March, 2000, and return visit in November, 2002, I was able to document quite a bit, which I hope will give you a glimpse into what I saw and how I experienced it.

Rural Cuba

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