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GG Bridge
Finepix 2800 (A)
Finepix 2800 (B)
Finepix 3800
Finepix A303
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Pictures Taken with Fujifilm Digital Cameras

This page has 9 images dated from
Oct 26, 2001 to Nov 20, 2001
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Fun with a Finepix 2600z
self, slow exposure, people, fujipix, horizontal, portrait, people, fujipix, self, portrait, photograph
The images in these pages were all taken using one of three of Fujifilm's latest digital cameras. The Finepix 2600z, the Finepix 2800, and Finepix A201. All three are 2.0 megapixel digital cameras, which means that you can take pictures that can print standard photos up to about 5.3" x 4"— almost a 4x6 print—at 300dpi, which is standard for most prints. You can blow these up to 8x10 if you really stretch those pixels, which will work with some photos better than others. The 2600z is a zoom camera, that seems to have a range of about a 35-80mm lens for a standard 35mm camera, and the 2800 is a zoom equivalent to 38-220mm lens. The A201 is a fixed length lens (no zoom control), but, it has a wider angle lens, which seems to be the equivalent of a 28mm lens. All three cameras can perform digital zoom, but that just makes pixels fatter, which you can do yourself in any image editing program. If you don't have technical expertise, this may be a nice convenience, but it won't give better zoom clarity that optical zoom can do. For detailed information on these cameras, click on the links above.
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Misc Images
couple, fujipix, sunset, horizontal, couples, couple, fujipix, sunset, photograph
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Golden Gate Bridge
fujipix, eve, foggy, horizontal, evening, fujipix, eve, foggy, photograph

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pooches, fujipix, sammy, dogs, horizontal, fujipix, sammy, dogs, photograph
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people, sandwich, fujipix, horizontal, sandwich, people, fujipix, photograph

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Flowers and Plants
rose, closeup, plants, fujipix, horizontal, closeup, rose, plants, fujipix, photograph
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Water Views
water views, fujipix, rocky, horizontal, shoreline, water views, fujipix, shoreline, rocky, photograph

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Finepix 2800 (A)
green, leaves, fujipix, horizontal, yellow, green, leaves, fujipix, yellow, photograph
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Finepix 2800 (B)
hobart, fujipix, building, horizontal, bldg, hobart, fujipix, building, photograph

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B&W Photos
dock, fujipix, black and white, horizontal, dock, black and white, fujipix, photograph

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