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Beach Dogs

Beach Dogs

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Dog Beach, Where it all Happens
animals, beach dogs, canine, dogs, horizontal, pals, photograph
Beach Dogs is a photography project that reflects the visual and emotional experiences of going to the beach with your pooch. No place is more enjoyable for a canine than going to the beach, an experience that is shared by us humans just as profoundly. Our own senses are heightened when we see and experience our companions at the peak of their emotional capacity. And it shows. During the course of this project, I found people to be more friendly, more relaxed, more open, and more happy when they were with their pets. "May I take a picture?" was always acknowledged with an enthusiastic,
ylw-text.gif magnifier.gif
In Memorium
animals, beach dogs, canine, dogs, paws, prints, vertical, photograph
"but of course!", which was then followed by long and exhilarating tales of their pets' humorous mannerisms, thoughtful expressions, thoughtless accidents, and sometimes tragic endings. The breadth of human emotion can be experienced through ones life with a pooch.

Most of these photos were taken on various beach of San Francisco: Ocean Beach, Baker Beach, and Fort Funston, in the summer and fall of 2001.

Images are best viewed in slideshow format so you see the larger, high-resolution images. The smaller ones (as you see them on this page) are for index purposes only.

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Owners and their Pooches
animals, beach dogs, canine, dogs, nose, owners, square format, photograph
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Cool Pooches
animals, beach dogs, canine, dogs, glasses, sammy, vertical, photograph

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animals, beach dogs, canine, dogs, portraits, square format, photograph
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Black and White Photos
animals, beach dogs, black and white, canine, dogs, horizontal, portraits, photograph

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White Lab
animals, beach dogs, canine, dogs, lab, square format, white, white lab, photograph
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animals, beach dogs, canine, dogs, horizontal, playing, photograph

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