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Ring of Kerry

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Photos/Pictures of

Cork County

Cork County, Ireland

This page has 4 images dated Jun 30, 2003
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St Mary's Church
Town of Youghal
cork, cork county, europe, horizontal, ireland, irish, mary, munster, slow exposure, youghal, photograph
Cork County covers the South and Southeast side of the island of Ireland. It is sparsely populated, but the people have a thirst for color, painting everything (doors, windows, sheep), and is repleat with adorable towns, cute shops, abandoned castles and plenty of opportunities to drink their fine local brews. While I was not able to visit the town of Cork itself, I was able to visit other little storybook towns that sprinkle the coastline, some of which are rather famous. Like the town of Cobh, which is where the Titanic made its last stop before making its historic journey to the big screen in American Cinema.
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Town of Youghal
arches, cork, cork county, europe, ireland, irish, munster, vertical, youghal, photograph
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Town of Cobh
cobh, cork, cork county, europe, ireland, irish, munster, towns, vertical, photograph
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Town of Kinsale
cork, cork county, doors, europe, ireland, irish, kinsale, munster, vertical, photograph

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