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Logarska Dolina

Tour Group
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Wilderness Travel Tour Group


This page has 9 images dated from
May 29, 2006 to Jun 8, 2006
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Group Pictures
europe, groups, horizontal, panoramic, people, slovenia, tasting, wines, photograph

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Stuart & Christie
black and white, christie, christy, couples, europe, groups, horizontal, men, slovenia, slow exposure, stuart, womens, photograph
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Jim & Jenna
blalock, couples, europe, groups, happy, horizontal, jenna, jim, men, slovenia, womens, photograph

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Bob & Marilyn
bob, couples, europe, groups, happy, horizontal, marilyn, men, mountains, scenics, slovenia, snowcaps, womens, photograph
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Jack & Mary
europe, glaize, groups, hikers, hiking, jacks, mary, men, slovenia, vertical, womens, photograph

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James & Patty
clark, couples, europe, groups, james, men, patty, slovenia, toasting, vertical, wine glass, wines, womens, photograph
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Barry Goldberg
barry, barry goldberg, black and white, europe, groups, men, slovenia, square format, photograph

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Ingrid Cercek
europe, groups, ingrid, ingrid cercek, slovenia, sunglasses, vertical, womens, photograph
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Richard Bell
europe, groups, men, richard, richard bell, slovenia, vertical, white wine, wine glass, wines, photograph

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